Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Timer!

This is the first time I have posted a tablescape to my blog.  I hope you enjoy my take on fall!  Fall is short lived here in Texas, but we will take what we can get!

My fall tablescape revolves around some visitors my husband and I have each year...owls, I have always called them Hooties.  However, we took quite a few trees down in our pasture and unfortunately one of them must of been their nesting tree, so this year we have not seen them.  I plan to put up some nesting boxes for them to try an entice them back, because my gosh they were comical.  When I would be out in the yard working, the babies would follow me around and try to get the best view to see what I was doing...very inquisitive little critters!

So come on and lets take a look at the fall table here at the Love Shack.  I know that my colors are not traditional fall colors, but there is just something about this color combination that went so perfectly with my Hooties - I guess when I would look up in the trees and see my Hooties on those beautiful brown branches with the bright blue Texas sky glinting through the branches, it gave me permission to try and duplicate it on my table.

I started my table with a beautiful linen tablecloth that just makes me smile each time I look at it, the tailored look with that ruffle edge...kind of sassy!  I ran across these chargers at Pier 1 that actually mimicked the golden color of the glass pumpkins.  These pumpkins, they just scream Cinderella to know the whole carriage thing, we all have a little Cinderella in us right?

I used my Pfaltzgraff Country Cupboard Salad and Dinner Plates which has the sweetest little embossed leaf detail along the rims.  I topped each place setting with a beautiful golden glass pumpkin to which I tied a sweet little ribbon around each pumpkin stem.  Pfaltzgraff is amazing dinnerware that can withstand lots of use and still maintain its beauty.  Which is important to me, as this is my only dining table in our house, so we sit down each night for our meal and enjoy our pretty table.

The glassware is so perfect for this tablescape, beautiful turquoise and sparkling brown goblets, even makes water taste special!

My centerpiece is a rustic cage on a pedestal holding a pretty Hootie and sparkling turquoise votive candle holder.  I topped the cage with a little ribbon and surrounded it with a floral wreath of all cream flowers with beautiful feathers.  I sprinkled in some small turquoise votives around the table.  I chose to use my bone handle flatware from Horchow and finished each place setting with a knotted turquoise napkin.

I always try to let my whole kitchen dining area reflect my tablescape as our Love Shack is a tiny space, perfect for us, but tiny.

A few votive candles are added around the table and help to add that sparkle to the golden pumpkins.

So in my mind, I visualized this table a combination of creams, browns, turquoise and that pop of glistening golden pumpkins.  It was so fun to add each layer until I stood back and saw that what I had visualized in my head was actually sitting on my dining table.

Do you have visitors to your little place in the world?  It is sometimes when we do not have these things anymore that we realize how special they really are even if it is just Hooties raising their babies in your pasture.